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8. Swimming Pools, Wading Pools, and Spas (Sections 242, 1009) 

Accessible means of entry/exit are required for swimming pools. Such accessible means of entry include a pool lift or sloped entry, and either a transfer wall, transfer system, or pool stairs. Wading pools must provide a sloped entry, and spas must provide a pool lift, transfer wall, or transfer system. Wave action pools, leisure rivers, and sand bottom pools where user access is limited to one area shall not be required to provide more than one accessible means of entry, either a pool lift, sloped entry, or a transfer system. 

Preparing for Swim Season

Kaiser Pools of Alabama 

     Most of us don't think about swimming until it gets hot outside. You might be cutting the grass, sweating and wishing you had a swimming pool to jump into and cool off. Or, you left your pool pump off all winter to save some money. Now the pool is green and the kids are out of school for Spring Break wanting to swim. And, there is this one...we have the beach, so why do we need a pool? But, every time you go to the beach; your dealing with tourist, sand, jelly fish, seaweed or the "red flag" undertow.

     Whatever, the case may be - don't get frustrated this year. Get prepared for that new pool purchase, renovation, service and / or maintenance. Swimming pool companies work year round - weather permitted.  


1. Determine what you want or need done. Did you put something off from last year? Do you want a new pool? Do you need your liner replaced? Or, is your pool green? 

2. Call a swimming pool professional. Make sure whomever; you contact, is a State Licensed Swimming Pool Contractor for building and renovation of a swimming pool. And, for service, maintenance or repair they should be a Certified Pool Operator and have experience to back them up. Ask them how long they have been in business and what their experience is.

3. Schedule an appointment to meet with the company builder or technician. Meet at their office or have them come to you. There are times when the builder and / or technician will go out and take a look and give you a call back. The builder or technician will do their best to make it convenient for you. 

4. Get an estimate. If you are buying a new pool, most estimates are free with a color rendering of your new pool. And, service estimates are usually free as well. However, if you are in need of a pool inspection for home purchase there is usually a fee involved. Some companies will even apply that fee towards your repairs. 

5. Make a decision. And, your budget and time frame will play a part in this decision. Yes, I have decided to buy the pool and I want it built before Memorial Day. Yes, I want my pool chemically balanced and the water cleared up by spring break so my kids can swim in it.  

6. Sign the agreement with the contractor or technician. Pay the deposit and get on the schedule. That is what guarantees the end result from the decision you have made. 

I planned for a new pool, signed my contract in August last year and here it is Memorial Day... we are swimming! I called my pool company in January this year and my pool was ready for spring break!

We want to make it easy for you. We want to help you plan for the swim season and also plan for the off season. So, please call your pool professional for all your swimming pool needs.